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At this point, Yao Jiahui feel the tour looking at her. Yao Jiahui timid eyes closed, do not know how to deal with his words, but like the taste of betrayal to Yao Jiahui have an inexplicable pleasure. In addition, Yao Jiahui also feel a vague taste, which is a sweet, happy flavor. "It seems when we are not ah!" Huang Jianming slowly out the door from the roof, watching the tour and Yao Jiahui face full of pleasure. Travel and Yao Jiahui like frightened birds immediately split. Eyes, etc. and they will look, not only found to have Huang Jianming, as well as horse fat, Wang Hao and some 50s, a strange man. In addition to the stranger, the other three are the face of a smile, a proud, have fun, there are naughty, and so forth. Huang Jianming long travel and Yao Jiahui's strange to see, in particular, Yao Jiahui, since the marriage of strange men are not fake a good color of bad temper suddenly up, others are not so cold as before, especially it is unusual for the tour, not only offering help to drive carriage tour, but also use their relationship to help settle this time of trouble Zhou. Manifestations are so Huang Burberry Shoulder BagJianming see hope, but now it seems, Yao Jiahui relationship with travel is even closer than previously imagined. As for the stranger, to see such a scene, his face more and more unnatural. Huang Jianming see tour questioning look, take the initiative to introduce said: "This one is the Wang Yuming, deputy magistrate of the county, is the father of the angel behind the scenes this time he came this time to you is to steal, and hope we can both reconciliation The. "tour of the nature of the face rather than searching. Huang Jianming Wang, deputy head of here with nothing more than to travel around to see the face in the Huang Jianming this time held on to give up, stop there. If the tour refuses, then it is equal to Funi of Huang Jianming's face, then more harm than good. But really not willing to travel, the thought of his original boast under the sea, and father of the injury, anger is not suppress his heart to burn. Yao Jiahui see here, take the initiative to paste the travel, on behalf of her attitude. Unfortunately, HuangMoncler Boots Jianming photograph is still proud of the way full, is not for the mere mention of the tour of any of the mood swings. Wang Hao know the source, quietly muttering to travel around the ears a cry, it touches a lot of travel to reduce anger, forgive a little vague situation. Vice Mayor Wang is now the key to know when the bow quickly apologized and said: "This time really is not that we condone this unworthy son too, and that makes him make such a stupid, ridiculous thing to order to express our apologies, we are willing to pay one million yuan as Zhou's medical expenses, mental damages and lost income; and we will send the rest of that unworthy son, and never let him re-entered the city Mingyuan half-step. " "small tour ah, forget it." Even the father also came weeks. "Small tour ah, Wang deputy governor is sincere, you do not bother to care about." Week to persuade a mother also. Even the most respected their parents are so to speak, travel, what to say. However, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes, travel or saMoncler Vestid: "Well, I sincerely hope that Wang Gongzi stop after this impulse. As for your one million yuan compensation, we do not need, not the money received." Yes the money of unknown origin, how can receive it. Moreover, travel is now no shortage of money. Vice Mayor Wang is obviously well prepared, while grateful to the side and replied: "If you do not want to receive the money, as we change the kind of compensation. I heard that Chow intends to expand the planting area of wild ginseng, contracting a few more hills, We can come out arrangements for Chow, procedures and costs out by us on the line. "tour to hear here quickly said:" formalities handled by you, or we ourselves come cost can be arranged so please give us some more hills , costs you do not worry for us. "" Yes, Thank you, that I should say good-bye! "Wang has been traveling the deputy governor of the exact answer here is not willing to lose face, and simple good-bye, and then in the Huang Jianming accompanied with the left. Comes and go. Have to say, to do so,UGGS Classic Short Wang, deputy magistrate of the county were also enough to shame. *** If the tour is what's better, said Wang, deputy head of the apology certainly not provoke gossip, the problem is just a little tour of the common folk known nothing, no matter how the matter can not bury confidentiality is maintained, After Wang Yuming, deputy magistrate in the county, and the whole Mingyuan County are destroyed, like a man raised his head and it would be difficult. See Wang and Huang Jianming, deputy Mayor away, traveling from around the Wang Hao to ask: "ho brother, you said Wang, deputy governor of leave, whether this is how things?" Hao said with a smile: "Yellow brother in an earlier gang lackeys I finally from Wang Gongzi pry out of the mouth is important evidence of a crime, not only allow Wang Gongzi sent to prison, but also enough to ruin the deputy head of Wang's political future. originally want to fight with us in the end the Vice-Mayor Wang heard the news immediately after the door apology, not only make promises before, also toUGGS Classic Tallok the initiative to call up the same level of service the county Yuming soft option. "listening tour, the bike just started looking at car and tolerance could not help feeling it: "In order to keep his political future, at the door to the poor apology, but also take the initiative to make their own business for more than a decade the foundation, really good spirit ah!" Hao said: "then there is a spirit and how? yellow hands with his brother handle, he will only listen to the brother's pale yellow man, otherwise he is finished, ha ha ... "Hao smiled a little proud, and even taste a little bit reckless. By now, traveling can I say. Usually look good this time talking Huang Jianming become profitable by the end of events, more pieces of the hands of very weighty piece, the reputation is for Huang Jianming have a positive impact. Although Zhou also received a lot of compensation and reputation, but how to say is one of the victims., weeks traveling parent could see the natural heart of the Okanagan thorn. But for a poor white Chow UGGS Kid Bootsis such a result is the best, and can not be held be held on the other. Zhou father pretended dissatisfaction cautioned: "Well, you call people they do all day and do not yellow brother, and then how to say yellow you always have a big generational, but also the father of small consideration if you do not want to feel after embarrassed, then, so do not call a brother yellow, yellow or yellow-tert-total can be. "" Oh! "travel and Wang Hao replied in unison. His father say this, I was not think so much travel, said: "Dad, since you like so much kinds of ginseng, and the prospect of wild ginseng is so good you're right, it is a big fight it, you fully funding Do not worry. our family now say how to say be poverty alleviation, and should use the service more village folks, after all, many people before us trouble. "" Good! good! "week to hear the parent's own son has such thoughts, could not help but praise. Zhou had no money, but also to college tour, the required costs are very exaggerated. Father of the cheek last week about a neighborUGGS Nightfall to the street money, barely scrape together enough to have traveled on a school year tuition and living expenses. Then the neighbors did not say anything, the rich pay, a strong contributor, so this week has been very kindness of the father and traveling miss. We now have the ability to repay, travel and weeks will not mean a parent. Wang Hao also echoed: "The fact that a number of forest economy is not on the kinds of rare medicinal herbs, you can plant some fruit trees of high economic value, mountain vegetables, and even stocked home mountain pigs, chickens, etc. go to livestock, natural route to go. TV is not always the publicity Well, I think the county should take such Yuming way. "" Good idea! "Wang Hao Zhou father was such a point to mention, his eyes an instant shine. Before his head is always thinking in a variety of yam, and do not want to you can also take a combination of this natural route. This carefully counted, I am afraid of the profits will grow exponentially. Traveled to see her father so happy, my heart is very hUGGS Roxy Tall Bootsappy, said: "concurrently really want more care, we can go to the expert to field trips, gives an exact solution, of course, if we both do not come, you can let other folks do, ah, the money we earn citizenship. "" What a money we earn! "has been acting as a bystander in the horse fat finally spoke:" In the past I felt a small tour of the impressive potential, not think there is such a broad range of small tour mind, than my family that is not sterile and do not know how many times stronger. really should tell him to stay here for some time, a good insight about what is the master style. "Hao asked carefully: "Uncle Ma, your son is doing what?" Since Huang Jianming King Tong brother can not, then the horse can not naturally fat then told Marco. Horse fat man replied: "He is playing jade, but jade hanging from a so-called experts do not know the title, in Shanghai to help me look at a branch, all drill Qianyan pile up." "So is the fellow." Tour somewhat understandable if the horse fat. Week we see the father so chat on the UGGS Sundance IIroof, does not seem to fit, immediately inviting: "The horse always, it is better to speak below it, the night's cool." "Thank you!" This horse reminds fat down to business, the request said: "Little Yu ah, you have to help me this time a case, the colorless glass of ice types and two types of high-grade jade green Zhengyang give me the price in a good talk! "tour, but hesitated:" But there always yellow but not good to speak ah. "a little worried about the horse fat, but to hear the case, immediately smiled and replied:" yellow fat over there do not worry, as I told him through the air, he also promised to fight with me this time not that these two materials. "traveled here to hear nodded and said:" Since the comments did not always yellow, I have no advice, wait a minute you told me to pick up material below it, those are my wool into a room . "" Thank you! "fat side of the horse while out thanks check book, write a number and name on the sign after traveling handed, said excitedly:" This one is really thanks to you ah. With thiUGGS Bailey Buttons small tour a few high-grade jade, together with the promise before the party wins the next two months, we jade Court of the market will not be squeezed out. "" Eight million! "tour took them to see the amount of the check after , immediately exclaimed out. The tour looked a little calm horse fat, asked: "Ma Shu, which is also a bit too much of it!" Is indeed more. While traveling with a small piece of colorless glass kind of weight, but only up to that value of five million or even lower; and that the only kind of ice the size of eggs Zhengyang maximum value of two million green. Two emerald is seven million high estimate only, horse fat is now available to eight million, or more than one million, which can not afford to travel around the. Horse fat, but do not want to, said: "Little Tour, ah, do not tell me you care about so much. This time directed at the human on more than a trivial million, after the trouble you the opportunity to still living." "No trouble! If this is the trouble, I do not refuse to come to the "put awaUGGS Classic Cardyy the check to travel around the smiling, not to mention how happy mood. Wang Hao envy and pride for travel. To tour a month ago also need to take care of their own, and now, traveling has become multi-millionaires, more and more jewelers are respected him for me. The gap between the two years not to count entirely. But Wang Hao can not think so much, asked: "Ma Shu, even with the support of travel and side wins, you can only insist on high-grade jade just two months time to time you have to?" Ma looked fat tour, said: "The parties agreed before the small tour wins than a month later to participate in the Yingjiang public offer? believe that a small tour of talent will not let us down." "big pressure!" travel smile, watching people travel times made the innocent. We laughed, but not for travel concerns. That night, the host and guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. ... ... ... ...

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