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Cao Cao immediately asked:" first, you dare to say that this is what you mean?" Wang Can ha ha laugh, said:" Meng De, is it right? Don't bother to truth, as long as the vassal could go to the enemy." Cao Cao eyes glared, and said:" first, you Wenwu outstanding, can not see vassal small thoughts, once encountered difficulties, these rulers will shrink, the side once sufficient interest, they will move forward. Now Dong Zhuo to assemble the army in the front, the princes to battle and reactive, heart will have other ideas, thinking of avoiding war. The fact is so, how was I worry?" Wang Can is also no concessions, asked:" today Dong Zhuo active ugg boots salewithdrawal, Yuan Shao was not ordered chase it, how Meng De could certainly vassal facing the Dong Zhuo army, will avoid war?" Cao Cao mouth said: "this is I according to the princes, the inferred results." Wang Can said:" with no it was not so sure, Meng De believed that rulers avoid war?" " Of course!" Cao Cao tone and resolute, determined spirit, without the slightest hesitation. By dot and face, from the little things can see Cao Cao and Yuan Shao gap, relates to the problem of major issues issues of right and wrong, Cao Cao resolute, while Yuan Shao was indecisive, shilly-shally, thugg boots clearanceis is the Cao Cao character perseverance, can succeed.

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