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After a pause, Wang Can asked again:" are you afraid of death?" " The fear of death!" " Don't fear death!" ... ... After Wang Can explained later, when Wang Can again asked when, answer to become cluttered up. Wang Can looked at the look of each are not identical, the idea of different soldiers, lifted up his hands pressed downward pressure, noisy scenes became quiet, silent. Wang Can clenched his fists, said in a loud voice:" dead, who are afraid, no matter who he is, even the emperor, all fear death. But I think face an impasse, there should be not afraid of death consciousness. This sentence, a fear of death, a death, I do not think it is contradictory. For example you, someone standing in front of the cliff, the rear is followed, with a sword behind. In this case, in addition to jump off theugg boots sale cliff, no choice. In the face of the abyss, is afraid of. However, want to live, the only chance is to jump off the cliff, cliff jumping only chance of survival, therefore also not afraid of death of the spirit, which is not afraid of death." See the soldiers unsuspectingly, confused, Wang Can felt a head as big as the cattle. Say this much, have become cast pearls before swine. Wang Cantan tone, said:" to make a long story short, I hope you live at the same time, but also there are not afraid of the spirit. This pick you out, is for you to penetrate into the Xiliang troops escorted hundreds of thousands of people, you go to stirs up the people, inspire people against heart, let the people who take the initiative to stand up against the Xiliaugg boots clearanceng army, defeated the Xiliang troops, is that clear?"

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