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This is the best in all the land of Wang Yue fencing master, Wang Can's position was secure, but so many Xiliang troops, after a while, Wang Can and Wang Yue became Xiliang army a vast expanse of water. " My Lord, now run away." Wang Yue was bitter, face a little worried. Wang Can laughed:" son of Wu, kill it, kill a brisk son, killed two earned, not to lose!" Ha ha ha. The LORD said, rational!" Wang Yue heard Wang Can, tight look open, clear voice laughs:" master, more will be this old bones placed here, to see who would dare to take the this life." Aggressive, arrogant, domiugg boots saleneering! This is the best in all the land a fencing master. "The shoop! Shoop! ... ..." Wang Yue hands black swords Hanguang flicker, usually close to Wang Yue Xiliang army were sword cut throat. Wang Can hand guns wielded no routine, just throw. However, such and Xiliang army in battle is more effective, court action is fatal, eliminating unnecessary fancy moves, no extra routines, each trick is crucial to ben. Time keeps on passing, Wang Can, Cao Cao, Sun Jian force around to show, Xiliang Army established the victory. ugg boots clearance " Lord, you said today there will be one remember us?"

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