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Lu Zhi nodded, all for you, my one, the living room atmosphere becomes lively, Wang Can looked at the old guys you flatter me, I extol you, back a paroxysmal cold, the old man, really is ' interesting ' tight. At the same time, the living room, a loud shouting came. " Doctor Li Ru Lee adults to." Voice down, there was a long narrow face overcast damaged eyes, wearing a blue robe, and middle-aged man came in, man smiling, but man face smile can make people feel depressed so permeability, tight. " Li Ru met you sir, see Peter as mr.." Li Ru face a smile, but active atmosphere let Li Ru get arrested. In the hall, the smiling Wang Yun, Yang Biao, Lu Zhi, Marie Di complexion is instantly stiffen up, looked into Li Ru 's eyes, eyes, a touch of intolerance. Then, several people have turned to Cai Yong, see Cai Yong shook his head, immediately react, Li Ru this guy is unsolicited. Li Ru was humble, a smile, but difficult to conceal the face overcast damaged color. In fact, Li Ru is also full of courtesy, Wang Yun, Cai Yong, old guys with great respect. Only Wang Yun, Cai Yong et al thatGenerator Price Li Ru uninvited, probably come with evil intent, so a few people is a sullen, hum a sound, looked to Li Ru, not the color of eyes. But Li Ru didn't care, look across all, seem not to see Wang Yun, Cai Yong and others not happy general. Overcast damaged eyes fell upon Wang Can, and Lee:" first, congratulations for the first worship was Bo as teacher mr.." Li Ru paused, and casual said: " first rate Ru'nan Huangjin ordered Dong his things, I have truthfully told Dong Tai, he heard that after a very happy, has promised to accept Ru'nan's yellow soldier. As the first to Dong Tai, are government officials, today also worship was Bo Jie 's teacher, future first and primary accordant with towards the official, is one of life's great rejoicing thing, so gratifying thing, how can Li Ru absent? Li Ru uninvited, also hope to understand." The smile on Wang Can's face in the eyes of a hysteresis, cold Li Zhi color fleeting. Originally to Li Ru this guy was quite interested, did not think of is an annoying person. Li Ru had just startGenerator Seted to whisper, guests on Wang Can is the gold thieves thing, said it is about Wang Can 's Ru'nan gold? But Cai Yong had received a gold thieves as a disciple? This kind of thing is really unacceptable. Most people are angry with Dong Zhuo Wang Can even abetted, as a consequence of sin. Sitting in seat guests even when there are one or two Confucian large cuff one brandish, want to stand up against Wang Can, but the person next to pull. After all, this is Cai Yong 's house. The owner did not speak, where guests to get round. Wang Can now also understood, he looked at Li Ru, he saw Li Ruzhao with a strange smile, and I know that Li Ru is deliberately tell his identity, so the presence of Confucian rise together and expel sb., will push Wang Can to Confucian antithesis, makes Wang Can can only join Dong Zhuo. Cai Yong Wenyan is livid, angry. But Cai Yong is angry Li Ru nothing nothing, he upset the banquet, look like a knife falls on Li Ru's face, Cai Yong hates not properly is to bring Li Ru out. But Li Ru is Dong Zhuo's first Diesel Generatorcounselor, Cai Yong is not too much to take Li Ru out, but to do so, more let Wang Can situation gets embarrassed.

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