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He is respectful toward Cai Yong, and Wang Yun, four old man bowed, eyes turned to Wang Can. After a pause, Wei Zhong said with a smile:" brother, brother of this come hastily, without making the gifts, please forgive me." When talking, Wei Zhong 's eyes with a flash light. Wang Can respectfully towards Wei Zhong worship and worship, smiled and said:" can leave Luoyang, I can in the can when leaving Luoyang, came to see somebody off, is the best. The so-called send thousands of miles of goose feather, courtesy light weight affection, brother came to see somebody off is the best, why should the other gift, for we." Wang Can hearts look down on Wei Zhong, but his face is not showing any expression. His eyes fell on Wei Zhong body, see Wei Zhong height nearly eight meters, white not, have beautiful features, dressed in a blue robe, which is a delicate beauty of youth, a handsome prince, only slightly pale face, and dark eyes with a sick feeling, making Wei Zhong the whole person show a lose one's vitality. And Wang Can set a word, Wei Zhong is Generator Pricenot talking to Wang Can. Wei Zhong went to Cai Yong in front of him, though robes, sprang to kneel down. " I said, what are you doing?" Cai Yong stupefied stupefied. Wei Zhong immediately said:" teacher, student wants to marry Zhao Ji sister, also ask the teacher to answer?" " You are given to?" Cai Yong eyes flashed a forbidding countenance, smile also disappeared, replace sb. Is a dignified color. Next to the Wang Yun four as one eye, the four old guys are know Cai Yong to Cai Yan to Wang Can to. Cai Yan will be sent away from Luoyang, in order to be able to without any menace from the "rear", but gave Wei Zhong, Cai Yong can rest assured? " Zhong Road, you go up to speak." Cai Yong sank like water, said slowly. At this moment, standing next to Wang Can eyes cold light, short-lived ghost Wei Zhong road is not only to the annoying, but with the mind to marry Cai Yan. Bluntly, is to get the people. Just a day, and not to occupy, Wei Zhong will succeed? But Wang Can did not speakGenerator Set out, Cai Yong's mind had stated, Wei Zhong little idea how is it possible to achieve. Wei Zhong heard Cai Yong, shook his head, eyes flashed a refused:" teacher, disciple admires Zhao Ji sister long, teacher if not promised disciple disciple would not request, kneeling" Cai Yong frowned, scolded:" you start up again, otherwise all the way." Tone rigid, no remission. Wei Zhong listens, a glance at Wang Can, eyes flashed a overcast damaged eyes. He had thought, he stood up, Cai Yan is the daughter of Cai Yong, wants to marry Cai Yan, you must first obtain the approval of Cai Yong, or anything, so she could hear Cai Yong's harsh tone, Wei Zhong can only be reluctant to stand up. " The teacher, students really like Zhao Ji 's sister, you promised." Wei Zhong stood in front of him reverent and respectful of Cai Yong, once said. Wang Can turned up her eyes, heart Anma ' promise to your sister. ' I, and Yan 's mouth kiss, that what ... ... Too fast. You half body in the coffin toy boy had iDiesel Generatornserted a, also is really shame on you, Wang Can no matter what the reason, as long as they are met, all the enemy.

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    Ordinary clothes more predominantly black, because black more solemn atmosphere, more protruding shows superior authority, this is not Wang Can deliberately to

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