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The next morning, Jia Long and Ren Qi went to his house. Along the way, Jia Long squint eyes closed, Ren Qi is to be anxious and fearful, heart is still ill, afraid of Wang Can Shuaheng, directly kill them. "Your Excellency, to his house." Before long, drive groom the horse stopped, shouted. Jia Long and Ren Qi out of the carriage, to his house to go. When two people walk up the steps, to enter his house when the porters, soldiers reached out for Jia Long and Ren Qi to stop. The two soldiers look indifferent, in full, cold eyes on Jia Long and Ren Qi looked back and forth on for quite a while, then asked: "thou who, to his house have what thing?" Jia Long Wenyan, heart suddenly sank. He and Ren Qi come swaggeringly came to visit, Wang Can will get the message. However, two of the royal soldiers but they stopped, this shows that Wang Can wanted to give him a run and Ren Qi! Jia Long thought, his face is not revealed anything. He also look clouded, Leng Sheng said:" presumptuous, but I ambassadors Jia Long Feng LiGenerator Priceu Yizhou, city life came to see Wang Taishou, you stopped the diplomatic way, what do you want? When I saw Wang Taishou, set to Wang Taishou the matter, to cure your great impiety, quickly out of the way, don't blame me not polite." Jia Long engaged in a high position, as Yizhou, circumstances change man., shout, send out an endless majesty. Two soldiers were Jia Long shouted, are terrified terrified. Soon, one of them in another soldier whisper loud, let Jia Long and Ren Qi. Jia Long sees this, large cuff down, full house to go. Ren Qi and behind Jia Long, whispered:" Jia Gong, just too dangerous." Jia Long glanced back at Ren Qi, a searchable shakes his head. Like Ren Qi such a big family man, ability can still, tyrannically abuse one's power in Hanzhoung. However, it is in the talents of the Central Plains, is certainly a two-bit characters, especially Jia Long and Xun Youyi's conversation, it is to feel was Xun 's foundation deep, is not to occupy HanGenerator Setzhoung han to match. Two people went to his palace hall, Ren Qi left and have a look, have a look, the lookout in the flow of personnel, to observe whether Wang Can mobilized soldiers, I have thoughts of murder. Suddenly, Ren Qi exclaimed:" Jia Gong, you see, you look at the front, there is a mouth filled with boiling water on the tripod." Look at the world, and the road is central, with a high tripod. Large tripod, is full of boiling water, braving the hot mist. Large tripod below, dry wood burning, the tripod in the boiling water bubbling up, risking the steaming hot. Jia Long saw this scene, but also the brow rugulose, face with a look of surprise. Soon, peace was restored, he declared:" Ren Qi, you're Yizhou envoys, speech and deportment to Yizhou envoys momentum. Pay attention to their own identity, don't be a mouth full of water boiling Ding frightened. Now in the Hanzhoung territory, was Wang Can's sphere of influence, even the knife together, we haveDiesel Generator no resistance strength. But more so, more need to have the Taishan collapse in the former and the color unchanged."

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