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Liu Xian said:" with old died, no fewer than 100 people!" Wang Can a little exclamation, said:" Liu Lao, you should have more than 100 people with old died, but that the elite of the elite ah, you will not be right." Liu Xian grunted coldly, said: "I live for most of his life, almost buried person, need you?" After a pause, Liu Xian said:" Wang Shan, you don't have to equivocate to inquire about old died from, these old soldiers are the palace guard picked soldiers to charge into the enemy ranks, enough. Even if is used to solve the more than 100 Xiliang troops escorted people, is more than sufficient, absolutely no problem." Wang Can smiled and asked:" Liu Lao, if that is so, why don't you return to Luoyang?" Liu Xian said:" the emperor went to Changan, I stayed in Luoyang to do." Wang Can heard, heart and moved thoughts, this old man is a typical die loyal to Han hardcore veterans, if the use of the good, may not come in handy. Wang Can and Liu Xian discuss how to handle the Xiliang troops after things, and Liu Xian together to continue the journey. Liu Xian and Wang Can still around several men follow Liu Xian's safety, protection. People move on, each team among the people, have the XilianGenerator Priceg troops. Therefore, when people walk, each team people without any communication between the time, can only wait for the rest of the time, to each other to convey some information. Despite this, only a short time to talk to each other. After all, the rest of the time is not very long, once continued on his way, must be separated. People who has been away from Luoyang for a few days, eat not satisfied, wear not warm, the rest is not good, the majority of people are mentally tired, tired, keep moving, not the slightest stagnation. The road to Changan, each hour has hundreds of thousands of people fell to the ground, also did not stand up again. Road to Changan road is capacious highway, now stained by blood. Along the way, see evidence of people's distress everywhere, bloody heaven! Cry! Whining! ... ... Hears, sting. Wang Can listened to the people heart scream, heart is full of sorrow. Later he growth under the Five-Starred Red Flag, an early age, live be light of heart from care life, no worries, no need to consider what will happen the next minute, no need to worry about having a sabre suddenly suspended in the head. From the laterGenerator Set to now, big gap! While away, while life as worthless, the two extremes, it is difficult to adapt to. However, it can stimulate Wang Can ahead of the heart. Hand fighting for his future, one for the people's life and work. The so-called sage, also is a person, also have their own desire, have their own ideas. Later someone once told Wang Can said such a word: individual and family any menace from the "rear", for the people, for the country, for the community to make its own contribution, it is quite good that. Everyone has such idea, society will be better. Wang Can hearts thoughts million, but still and Liu Xian while walking, talking. After some time, Xi Liang soldiers ordered the rest. People hear the Xiliang army command, such as the smell of sounds of nature, teeter body as deflated balloon, then fade down, without any effort. People have a soft body, sitting on the ground, despite their image, sprawls constantly gasping, also some people leave the place, to the remote place to solve personal problems. Every soldier sitting aside, Slinky eyes on the people move back and forth, do not know is to find beauty in slightly better woman Diesel Generatorstole a vent, or carefully to see whether there are people trying to escape. People come and go, good not lively.

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