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Men come, we will go to the officers and men of Ru'nan, and then fled to the mountains, the hang by a thread, all meals and worried life? I don't want that kind of life, I believe you also do not want to." " The battle." " The only battle, can we keep Ru'nan!" " Desperately." " Only very hard, we can live comfortably!" " We have no retreat, in addition to raising the hands of steel, no choice." Wang Can eyes aglow, the whole people like crazy Butch, shouting, he looked neat station in the ranks of the soldiers take knife, mouth float with a big smile. All of the Yellow turban forces, mostly refugees, people put the hoe, turned into soldiers. These people care about most is to fill the stomach, to have a stable living environment. Good life, is the Yellow turban forces most care about. Wang Can 's words, let all the soldiers to be moved, because they do not want to Britain lung displacement, does not want to leave you Nancheng, sGenerator Priceo if Wang Can has hit the Yellow soldier heart weakness, so they had to pick up weapons to fight, to defend his own happiness. " To kill" Wang Can" roar, hair flying, waist saber sonorous sound unsheathed, cold sabre in golden sun shine, shine very bright. " Kill ~ ~" " Kill ~ ~" More than 70 soldiers have raised the sabre, with response, the towering up sound like the thunderous throughout the school field, let 's school site in training soldiers have eyebrows, eyes, surprise, but then he shook his head, Wang Can and his men attack and things have spread throughout the Yellow turbans, all soldiers admired Wang Can courage at the same time, also dark with Wang Can roll, to court defeat by fighting against overwhelming odds, with more than 70 soldiers attacked the soldiers break in in full fury. Wang Can ignored the soldiers around eyes, cold channel:" check the bow, javelin, Generator Setwhether to take food, ready to start." This time, Liu Bida bleeding, will Wang Can's the soldier's arms, food, all equipped with complete. Bow and arrow, a soldier one hundred. The javelin, a soldier eight handle. Food, prepared for each six days of food. In this basic premise, Liu Bi also specially sent send Wang Can escorted weapons, food, once Wang Can's soldiers with arms, food ran out, they have a weapon, food supply. Can say, this time Wang Can's soldiers in addition to horses, all the others are fully equipped with a weapon. The missing horse, this is an indisputable fact. Furthermore Wang Can soldiers are infantry, poorly salvo. The horse soldiers with their equipment, neither fish nor fowl, reel right and left without art of composition, as well as all infantry, Wang Can was able to do every order is executed without fail.", as one. After all the soldiers are ready,Diesel Generator Wang Can issues an order:" starting!" Da Da footsteps, a black torrent rushing out of school field, and rode away.

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