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Ordinary clothes more predominantly black, because black more solemn atmosphere, more protruding shows superior authority, this is not Wang Can deliberately to create higher than the others, the situation, but Wang Can as prefect of Hanzhoung, things often busy, will see Hanzhoung civilian generals, must show a prefecture county dignity, to convince the public. Back in the hall, the Wang Can Herald will take Zhang Lu to the hall. Zhang Lu in the lead, staggered into the hall, go to the Central Hall Station set. Wang Can waved his hand, the soldiers have backed out. The soldiers leave, only Wang Can and Zhang Lu hall. At this time, Zhang Lu looks bleak, face had lost against Wang Can when the expression be in high and vigorous spirits, and three strand of bearded uneven, should be cut off many, head hair while reviewing, is also more confusion. Losers are always in the wrong, it is so. Wang Can smiled and asked:" Zhang Lu, once a prisoner, how do you feel?" Zhang Lu light cough twice, crafty, cold test and said: "this day, no worries about food, clothing, vGenerator Priceery good, very good, very soon, you will like me." " It won't be long? Ha-ha. Wang Can called laughter, laughter is full of irony, he stared at Zhang Lu, smiled and asked:" you said the time is long, one year, five years, ten years ... ... A hundred years? Well, I have this life and not a prisoner, even after hundreds of years, can't be like you so good. Students as the outstanding personality, death is also a male ghost, alive should override all over, as people; even in death, is also a ghost in the male, lord it over others." Zhang Lu Wenyan, body shiver. Looked up, startled looked at Wang Can, said:" I thought that I was planning a separatist Hanzhoung, is already audacious in the extreme, I didn't think you also be overweeningly ambitious, not frustrated for long, this idea, I can." Wang Can smiled and said:" thank you!" Paused, Wang Can said:" Zhang Lu, you can be willing to surrender, surrender to me?" Zhang Lu smiled and asked:" if I turn? You're not afraid of me Qibing rebels?" " Fear of Generator Setfear, of course!" Wang Cansong shrugged, showed no expression, said:" I fear, is to deploy forces trouble, but not you. Rebel threat to you, I don't put in the mind, and not about the news of you is better than my sources, single of his generals, under which a person you better than I 's people, a group of a motley crew, still want to rebel, but is a moth, bring about." Zhang Lu Wenyan, pulling at his head, said:" I get not found!" Wang Can suddenly fail to show restraint, said in a loud voice:" of course you get not injustice, from you to lead an army into Hanzhoung, destined you must fail. In this battle, you break in in full fury which led thirty-six thousand army, thirty thousand infantry, and six thousand soldiers, army provisions enough weapons, not missing, it is strong soldiers and sturdy horses, flying tiger." " At Hanzhoung with troops, only Hanzhoung Army Infantry three thousand, broken army eight hundred cavalry, infantry in camp eight hundred, add up to five thousand people have not only yoDiesel Generatorur strength, 1/7 do not, such a big gap, eventually you have to suffer a big bow, you really had not thought that?"

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