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Ordinary clothes more predominantly black, because black more solemn atmosphere, more protruding shows superior authority, this is not Wang Can deliberately to create higher than the others, the situation, but Wang Can as prefect of Hanzhoung, things often busy, will see Hanzhoung civilian generals, must show a prefecture county dignity, to convince the public. Back in the hall, the Wang Can Herald will take Zhang Lu to the hall. Zhang Lu in the lead, staggered into the hall, go to the Central Hall Station set. Wang Can waved his hand, the soldiers have backed out. The soldiers leave, only Wang Can and Zhang Lu hall. At this time, Zhang Lu looks bleak, face had lost against Wang Can when the expression be in high and vigorous spirits, and three strand of bearded uneven, should be cut off many, head hair while reviewing, is also more confusion. Losers are always in the wrong, it is so. Wang Can smiled and asked:" Zhang Lu, once a prisoner, how do you feel?" Zhang Lu light cough twice, crafty, cold test and said: "this day, no worries about food, clothing, vGenerator Priceery good, very good, very soon, you will like me." " It won't be long? Ha-ha. Wang Can called laughter, laughter is full of irony, he stared at Zhang Lu, smiled and asked:" you said the time is long, one year, five years, ten years ... ... A hundred years? Well, I have this life and not a prisoner, even after hundreds of years, can't be like you so good. Students as the outstanding personality, death is also a male ghost, alive should override all over, as people; even in death, is also a ghost in the male, lord it over others." Zhang Lu Wenyan, body shiver. Looked up, startled looked at Wang Can, said:" I thought that I was planning a separatist Hanzhoung, is already audacious in the extreme, I didn't think you also be overweeningly ambitious, not frustrated for long, this idea, I can." Wang Can smiled and said:" thank you!" Paused, Wang Can said:" Zhang Lu, you can be willing to surrender, surrender to me?" Zhang Lu smiled and asked:" if I turn? You're not afraid of me Qibing rebels?" " Fear of Generator Setfear, of course!" Wang Cansong shrugged, showed no expression, said:" I fear, is to deploy forces trouble, but not you. Rebel threat to you, I don't put in the mind, and not about the news of you is better than my sources, single of his generals, under which a person you better than I 's people, a group of a motley crew, still want to rebel, but is a moth, bring about." Zhang Lu Wenyan, pulling at his head, said:" I get not found!" Wang Can suddenly fail to show restraint, said in a loud voice:" of course you get not injustice, from you to lead an army into Hanzhoung, destined you must fail. In this battle, you break in in full fury which led thirty-six thousand army, thirty thousand infantry, and six thousand soldiers, army provisions enough weapons, not missing, it is strong soldiers and sturdy horses, flying tiger." " At Hanzhoung with troops, only Hanzhoung Army Infantry three thousand, broken army eight hundred cavalry, infantry in camp eight hundred, add up to five thousand people have not only yoDiesel Generatorur strength, 1/7 do not, such a big gap, eventually you have to suffer a big bow, you really had not thought that?"

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Su mouth called a fixed smile, said:" Sir, you are the court appointed the prefect of Hanzhoung, this time defeating savage war by you personally command, that adults famous battle, Megatron Hanzhoung." Wang Can refused, and said: " well, I hope as Sue adults said." Wang Can paused, then laughed:" did not think of to just enter Hanzhoung, have quite one attack on Yong County, huh, this defeat the barbarian, let these barbarians as I took the Hanzhoung Prefecture stepping stone, kill the barbarian wei." Sue solid sees this, face a smile, the smile like chrysanthemums, brightest. "Ruff ... Ruff ... Ruff ... ..." Suddenly, the county, the blast of trumpets in the county. " Dong ... Dong ... Dong ... ..." Then, dull drums towering up, in the county kept reverberating with. Sue solid heard outside the city of trumpets and drums, his eyes a fleeting, his face mutations, and said:" Sir, come, come ... ... The damn barbarian siege, also ask an adult to gates, led the soldiers beat barbarians, adults are personally took command, belieGenerator Priceve that the soldiers will be more courageously fearless." Wang Can nodded:" little Su adults, you go to the tower and conductor, I immediately summoned his soldiers set, will come later." " Connaught." Sue solid response to a sound, and then turn left. Wang Can also turned to leave, let Pei Yuanshao picks four hundred soldiers set. Tea time, Pei Yuanshao took the armour, with a good sword soldier appears in front of Wang Can. The Shing Mun, Wang Can with four hundred troops arrived, the gate was open. Su solid, takes on Yong soldiers stationed in the county and outside the savage battle towers. " Su solid actually has opened the city gates, led the soldiers and barbarian war, it seems very hard solid su." Wang Can mind andao sound, just Sue solid said will command the right handed Wang Can command, but Sue solid should presume to play, is clearly want to let Wang Can join the fight, just so pretty people pretend to be defeated. Wang Can heart, certainly will not let SGenerator Setue solid solo. The play, not a person can play good. " Pei Yuanshao, along with my enemy." Wang Can raised his sword, big growl, immediately led the soldiers rushed toward the gates of the city. " Kill, kill ... ..." A voice yelling towering up, such as thunder sound. Four hundred soldiers hand waving bright kitchen knives, knife light seem to tear the gloomy weather, will tear out a knife general sky. Suddenly, four hundred soldiers to be fierce tigers as towards the city of barbarians, Wang Can also held the knife towards the barbarian rushed. " Reinforcements, help is coming." Sue Wang Can. See soldiers arrived, he barked. " Kill!" Shouted Pei Yuanshao, carrying the mace, took the lead in stalemate battle. He waved his mace, every full of power, a stream of air in the top of the mace of Sophora davidii flowing, mama scarlet blood drops flowing down the place visited, maces, flesh and blood flying in all directions, the body aspect, whether on Yong City soldiers, or baDiesel Generatorrbarian army, Pei Yuanshao will be killed. As long as it is blocked, Pei Yuanshao did not hesitate to drop a mace.

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He is respectful toward Cai Yong, and Wang Yun, four old man bowed, eyes turned to Wang Can. After a pause, Wei Zhong said with a smile:" brother, brother of this come hastily, without making the gifts, please forgive me." When talking, Wei Zhong 's eyes with a flash light. Wang Can respectfully towards Wei Zhong worship and worship, smiled and said:" can leave Luoyang, I can in the can when leaving Luoyang, came to see somebody off, is the best. The so-called send thousands of miles of goose feather, courtesy light weight affection, brother came to see somebody off is the best, why should the other gift, for we." Wang Can hearts look down on Wei Zhong, but his face is not showing any expression. His eyes fell on Wei Zhong body, see Wei Zhong height nearly eight meters, white not, have beautiful features, dressed in a blue robe, which is a delicate beauty of youth, a handsome prince, only slightly pale face, and dark eyes with a sick feeling, making Wei Zhong the whole person show a lose one's vitality. And Wang Can set a word, Wei Zhong is Generator Pricenot talking to Wang Can. Wei Zhong went to Cai Yong in front of him, though robes, sprang to kneel down. " I said, what are you doing?" Cai Yong stupefied stupefied. Wei Zhong immediately said:" teacher, student wants to marry Zhao Ji sister, also ask the teacher to answer?" " You are given to?" Cai Yong eyes flashed a forbidding countenance, smile also disappeared, replace sb. Is a dignified color. Next to the Wang Yun four as one eye, the four old guys are know Cai Yong to Cai Yan to Wang Can to. Cai Yan will be sent away from Luoyang, in order to be able to without any menace from the "rear", but gave Wei Zhong, Cai Yong can rest assured? " Zhong Road, you go up to speak." Cai Yong sank like water, said slowly. At this moment, standing next to Wang Can eyes cold light, short-lived ghost Wei Zhong road is not only to the annoying, but with the mind to marry Cai Yan. Bluntly, is to get the people. Just a day, and not to occupy, Wei Zhong will succeed? But Wang Can did not speakGenerator Set out, Cai Yong's mind had stated, Wei Zhong little idea how is it possible to achieve. Wei Zhong heard Cai Yong, shook his head, eyes flashed a refused:" teacher, disciple admires Zhao Ji sister long, teacher if not promised disciple disciple would not request, kneeling" Cai Yong frowned, scolded:" you start up again, otherwise all the way." Tone rigid, no remission. Wei Zhong listens, a glance at Wang Can, eyes flashed a overcast damaged eyes. He had thought, he stood up, Cai Yan is the daughter of Cai Yong, wants to marry Cai Yan, you must first obtain the approval of Cai Yong, or anything, so she could hear Cai Yong's harsh tone, Wei Zhong can only be reluctant to stand up. " The teacher, students really like Zhao Ji 's sister, you promised." Wei Zhong stood in front of him reverent and respectful of Cai Yong, once said. Wang Can turned up her eyes, heart Anma ' promise to your sister. ' I, and Yan 's mouth kiss, that what ... ... Too fast. You half body in the coffin toy boy had iDiesel Generatornserted a, also is really shame on you, Wang Can no matter what the reason, as long as they are met, all the enemy.

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The next morning, Jia Long and Ren Qi went to his house. Along the way, Jia Long squint eyes closed, Ren Qi is to be anxious and fearful, heart is still ill, afraid of Wang Can Shuaheng, directly kill them. "Your Excellency, to his house." Before long, drive groom the horse stopped, shouted. Jia Long and Ren Qi out of the carriage, to his house to go. When two people walk up the steps, to enter his house when the porters, soldiers reached out for Jia Long and Ren Qi to stop. The two soldiers look indifferent, in full, cold eyes on Jia Long and Ren Qi looked back and forth on for quite a while, then asked: "thou who, to his house have what thing?" Jia Long Wenyan, heart suddenly sank. He and Ren Qi come swaggeringly came to visit, Wang Can will get the message. However, two of the royal soldiers but they stopped, this shows that Wang Can wanted to give him a run and Ren Qi! Jia Long thought, his face is not revealed anything. He also look clouded, Leng Sheng said:" presumptuous, but I ambassadors Jia Long Feng LiGenerator Priceu Yizhou, city life came to see Wang Taishou, you stopped the diplomatic way, what do you want? When I saw Wang Taishou, set to Wang Taishou the matter, to cure your great impiety, quickly out of the way, don't blame me not polite." Jia Long engaged in a high position, as Yizhou, circumstances change man., shout, send out an endless majesty. Two soldiers were Jia Long shouted, are terrified terrified. Soon, one of them in another soldier whisper loud, let Jia Long and Ren Qi. Jia Long sees this, large cuff down, full house to go. Ren Qi and behind Jia Long, whispered:" Jia Gong, just too dangerous." Jia Long glanced back at Ren Qi, a searchable shakes his head. Like Ren Qi such a big family man, ability can still, tyrannically abuse one's power in Hanzhoung. However, it is in the talents of the Central Plains, is certainly a two-bit characters, especially Jia Long and Xun Youyi's conversation, it is to feel was Xun 's foundation deep, is not to occupy HanGenerator Setzhoung han to match. Two people went to his palace hall, Ren Qi left and have a look, have a look, the lookout in the flow of personnel, to observe whether Wang Can mobilized soldiers, I have thoughts of murder. Suddenly, Ren Qi exclaimed:" Jia Gong, you see, you look at the front, there is a mouth filled with boiling water on the tripod." Look at the world, and the road is central, with a high tripod. Large tripod, is full of boiling water, braving the hot mist. Large tripod below, dry wood burning, the tripod in the boiling water bubbling up, risking the steaming hot. Jia Long saw this scene, but also the brow rugulose, face with a look of surprise. Soon, peace was restored, he declared:" Ren Qi, you're Yizhou envoys, speech and deportment to Yizhou envoys momentum. Pay attention to their own identity, don't be a mouth full of water boiling Ding frightened. Now in the Hanzhoung territory, was Wang Can's sphere of influence, even the knife together, we haveDiesel Generator no resistance strength. But more so, more need to have the Taishan collapse in the former and the color unchanged."

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Liu Xian said:" with old died, no fewer than 100 people!" Wang Can a little exclamation, said:" Liu Lao, you should have more than 100 people with old died, but that the elite of the elite ah, you will not be right." Liu Xian grunted coldly, said: "I live for most of his life, almost buried person, need you?" After a pause, Liu Xian said:" Wang Shan, you don't have to equivocate to inquire about old died from, these old soldiers are the palace guard picked soldiers to charge into the enemy ranks, enough. Even if is used to solve the more than 100 Xiliang troops escorted people, is more than sufficient, absolutely no problem." Wang Can smiled and asked:" Liu Lao, if that is so, why don't you return to Luoyang?" Liu Xian said:" the emperor went to Changan, I stayed in Luoyang to do." Wang Can heard, heart and moved thoughts, this old man is a typical die loyal to Han hardcore veterans, if the use of the good, may not come in handy. Wang Can and Liu Xian discuss how to handle the Xiliang troops after things, and Liu Xian together to continue the journey. Liu Xian and Wang Can still around several men follow Liu Xian's safety, protection. People move on, each team among the people, have the XilianGenerator Priceg troops. Therefore, when people walk, each team people without any communication between the time, can only wait for the rest of the time, to each other to convey some information. Despite this, only a short time to talk to each other. After all, the rest of the time is not very long, once continued on his way, must be separated. People who has been away from Luoyang for a few days, eat not satisfied, wear not warm, the rest is not good, the majority of people are mentally tired, tired, keep moving, not the slightest stagnation. The road to Changan, each hour has hundreds of thousands of people fell to the ground, also did not stand up again. Road to Changan road is capacious highway, now stained by blood. Along the way, see evidence of people's distress everywhere, bloody heaven! Cry! Whining! ... ... Hears, sting. Wang Can listened to the people heart scream, heart is full of sorrow. Later he growth under the Five-Starred Red Flag, an early age, live be light of heart from care life, no worries, no need to consider what will happen the next minute, no need to worry about having a sabre suddenly suspended in the head. From the laterGenerator Set to now, big gap! While away, while life as worthless, the two extremes, it is difficult to adapt to. However, it can stimulate Wang Can ahead of the heart. Hand fighting for his future, one for the people's life and work. The so-called sage, also is a person, also have their own desire, have their own ideas. Later someone once told Wang Can said such a word: individual and family any menace from the "rear", for the people, for the country, for the community to make its own contribution, it is quite good that. Everyone has such idea, society will be better. Wang Can hearts thoughts million, but still and Liu Xian while walking, talking. After some time, Xi Liang soldiers ordered the rest. People hear the Xiliang army command, such as the smell of sounds of nature, teeter body as deflated balloon, then fade down, without any effort. People have a soft body, sitting on the ground, despite their image, sprawls constantly gasping, also some people leave the place, to the remote place to solve personal problems. Every soldier sitting aside, Slinky eyes on the people move back and forth, do not know is to find beauty in slightly better woman Diesel Generatorstole a vent, or carefully to see whether there are people trying to escape. People come and go, good not lively.

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Lu Zhi nodded, all for you, my one, the living room atmosphere becomes lively, Wang Can looked at the old guys you flatter me, I extol you, back a paroxysmal cold, the old man, really is ' interesting ' tight. At the same time, the living room, a loud shouting came. " Doctor Li Ru Lee adults to." Voice down, there was a long narrow face overcast damaged eyes, wearing a blue robe, and middle-aged man came in, man smiling, but man face smile can make people feel depressed so permeability, tight. " Li Ru met you sir, see Peter as mr.." Li Ru face a smile, but active atmosphere let Li Ru get arrested. In the hall, the smiling Wang Yun, Yang Biao, Lu Zhi, Marie Di complexion is instantly stiffen up, looked into Li Ru 's eyes, eyes, a touch of intolerance. Then, several people have turned to Cai Yong, see Cai Yong shook his head, immediately react, Li Ru this guy is unsolicited. Li Ru was humble, a smile, but difficult to conceal the face overcast damaged color. In fact, Li Ru is also full of courtesy, Wang Yun, Cai Yong, old guys with great respect. Only Wang Yun, Cai Yong et al thatGenerator Price Li Ru uninvited, probably come with evil intent, so a few people is a sullen, hum a sound, looked to Li Ru, not the color of eyes. But Li Ru didn't care, look across all, seem not to see Wang Yun, Cai Yong and others not happy general. Overcast damaged eyes fell upon Wang Can, and Lee:" first, congratulations for the first worship was Bo as teacher mr.." Li Ru paused, and casual said: " first rate Ru'nan Huangjin ordered Dong his things, I have truthfully told Dong Tai, he heard that after a very happy, has promised to accept Ru'nan's yellow soldier. As the first to Dong Tai, are government officials, today also worship was Bo Jie 's teacher, future first and primary accordant with towards the official, is one of life's great rejoicing thing, so gratifying thing, how can Li Ru absent? Li Ru uninvited, also hope to understand." The smile on Wang Can's face in the eyes of a hysteresis, cold Li Zhi color fleeting. Originally to Li Ru this guy was quite interested, did not think of is an annoying person. Li Ru had just startGenerator Seted to whisper, guests on Wang Can is the gold thieves thing, said it is about Wang Can 's Ru'nan gold? But Cai Yong had received a gold thieves as a disciple? This kind of thing is really unacceptable. Most people are angry with Dong Zhuo Wang Can even abetted, as a consequence of sin. Sitting in seat guests even when there are one or two Confucian large cuff one brandish, want to stand up against Wang Can, but the person next to pull. After all, this is Cai Yong 's house. The owner did not speak, where guests to get round. Wang Can now also understood, he looked at Li Ru, he saw Li Ruzhao with a strange smile, and I know that Li Ru is deliberately tell his identity, so the presence of Confucian rise together and expel sb., will push Wang Can to Confucian antithesis, makes Wang Can can only join Dong Zhuo. Cai Yong Wenyan is livid, angry. But Cai Yong is angry Li Ru nothing nothing, he upset the banquet, look like a knife falls on Li Ru's face, Cai Yong hates not properly is to bring Li Ru out. But Li Ru is Dong Zhuo's first Diesel Generatorcounselor, Cai Yong is not too much to take Li Ru out, but to do so, more let Wang Can situation gets embarrassed.

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Men come, we will go to the officers and men of Ru'nan, and then fled to the mountains, the hang by a thread, all meals and worried life? I don't want that kind of life, I believe you also do not want to." " The battle." " The only battle, can we keep Ru'nan!" " Desperately." " Only very hard, we can live comfortably!" " We have no retreat, in addition to raising the hands of steel, no choice." Wang Can eyes aglow, the whole people like crazy Butch, shouting, he looked neat station in the ranks of the soldiers take knife, mouth float with a big smile. All of the Yellow turban forces, mostly refugees, people put the hoe, turned into soldiers. These people care about most is to fill the stomach, to have a stable living environment. Good life, is the Yellow turban forces most care about. Wang Can 's words, let all the soldiers to be moved, because they do not want to Britain lung displacement, does not want to leave you Nancheng, sGenerator Priceo if Wang Can has hit the Yellow soldier heart weakness, so they had to pick up weapons to fight, to defend his own happiness. " To kill" Wang Can" roar, hair flying, waist saber sonorous sound unsheathed, cold sabre in golden sun shine, shine very bright. " Kill ~ ~" " Kill ~ ~" More than 70 soldiers have raised the sabre, with response, the towering up sound like the thunderous throughout the school field, let 's school site in training soldiers have eyebrows, eyes, surprise, but then he shook his head, Wang Can and his men attack and things have spread throughout the Yellow turbans, all soldiers admired Wang Can courage at the same time, also dark with Wang Can roll, to court defeat by fighting against overwhelming odds, with more than 70 soldiers attacked the soldiers break in in full fury. Wang Can ignored the soldiers around eyes, cold channel:" check the bow, javelin, Generator Setwhether to take food, ready to start." This time, Liu Bida bleeding, will Wang Can's the soldier's arms, food, all equipped with complete. Bow and arrow, a soldier one hundred. The javelin, a soldier eight handle. Food, prepared for each six days of food. In this basic premise, Liu Bi also specially sent send Wang Can escorted weapons, food, once Wang Can's soldiers with arms, food ran out, they have a weapon, food supply. Can say, this time Wang Can's soldiers in addition to horses, all the others are fully equipped with a weapon. The missing horse, this is an indisputable fact. Furthermore Wang Can soldiers are infantry, poorly salvo. The horse soldiers with their equipment, neither fish nor fowl, reel right and left without art of composition, as well as all infantry, Wang Can was able to do every order is executed without fail.", as one. After all the soldiers are ready,Diesel Generator Wang Can issues an order:" starting!" Da Da footsteps, a black torrent rushing out of school field, and rode away.

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After a pause, Wang Can asked again:" are you afraid of death?" " The fear of death!" " Don't fear death!" ... ... After Wang Can explained later, when Wang Can again asked when, answer to become cluttered up. Wang Can looked at the look of each are not identical, the idea of different soldiers, lifted up his hands pressed downward pressure, noisy scenes became quiet, silent. Wang Can clenched his fists, said in a loud voice:" dead, who are afraid, no matter who he is, even the emperor, all fear death. But I think face an impasse, there should be not afraid of death consciousness. This sentence, a fear of death, a death, I do not think it is contradictory. For example you, someone standing in front of the cliff, the rear is followed, with a sword behind. In this case, in addition to jump off theugg boots sale cliff, no choice. In the face of the abyss, is afraid of. However, want to live, the only chance is to jump off the cliff, cliff jumping only chance of survival, therefore also not afraid of death of the spirit, which is not afraid of death." See the soldiers unsuspectingly, confused, Wang Can felt a head as big as the cattle. Say this much, have become cast pearls before swine. Wang Cantan tone, said:" to make a long story short, I hope you live at the same time, but also there are not afraid of the spirit. This pick you out, is for you to penetrate into the Xiliang troops escorted hundreds of thousands of people, you go to stirs up the people, inspire people against heart, let the people who take the initiative to stand up against the Xiliaugg boots clearanceng army, defeated the Xiliang troops, is that clear?"

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This is the best in all the land of Wang Yue fencing master, Wang Can's position was secure, but so many Xiliang troops, after a while, Wang Can and Wang Yue became Xiliang army a vast expanse of water. " My Lord, now run away." Wang Yue was bitter, face a little worried. Wang Can laughed:" son of Wu, kill it, kill a brisk son, killed two earned, not to lose!" Ha ha ha. The LORD said, rational!" Wang Yue heard Wang Can, tight look open, clear voice laughs:" master, more will be this old bones placed here, to see who would dare to take the this life." Aggressive, arrogant, domiugg boots saleneering! This is the best in all the land a fencing master. "The shoop! Shoop! ... ..." Wang Yue hands black swords Hanguang flicker, usually close to Wang Yue Xiliang army were sword cut throat. Wang Can hand guns wielded no routine, just throw. However, such and Xiliang army in battle is more effective, court action is fatal, eliminating unnecessary fancy moves, no extra routines, each trick is crucial to ben. Time keeps on passing, Wang Can, Cao Cao, Sun Jian force around to show, Xiliang Army established the victory. ugg boots clearance " Lord, you said today there will be one remember us?"

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Cao Cao immediately asked:" first, you dare to say that this is what you mean?" Wang Can ha ha laugh, said:" Meng De, is it right? Don't bother to truth, as long as the vassal could go to the enemy." Cao Cao eyes glared, and said:" first, you Wenwu outstanding, can not see vassal small thoughts, once encountered difficulties, these rulers will shrink, the side once sufficient interest, they will move forward. Now Dong Zhuo to assemble the army in the front, the princes to battle and reactive, heart will have other ideas, thinking of avoiding war. The fact is so, how was I worry?" Wang Can is also no concessions, asked:" today Dong Zhuo active ugg boots salewithdrawal, Yuan Shao was not ordered chase it, how Meng De could certainly vassal facing the Dong Zhuo army, will avoid war?" Cao Cao mouth said: "this is I according to the princes, the inferred results." Wang Can said:" with no it was not so sure, Meng De believed that rulers avoid war?" " Of course!" Cao Cao tone and resolute, determined spirit, without the slightest hesitation. By dot and face, from the little things can see Cao Cao and Yuan Shao gap, relates to the problem of major issues issues of right and wrong, Cao Cao resolute, while Yuan Shao was indecisive, shilly-shally, thugg boots clearanceis is the Cao Cao character perseverance, can succeed.

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