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" Now, Cao Cao has called on world leaders, against Dong Zhuo. Scuffle feudatory situation, is that's final. What's about to happen, since then, the world no longer peaceful place." " Troubled times, heroes four." " However beacon four time, is also freely when the hero square." " Long a Wu Yi, exquisite, no matter how long go to the party, must be able to show its mettle, renown raise the world. But Wang Can is not just, want long stay in Hanzhoung, Wang Can a helping hand, do not know how long it?" Chen Ken Wang Can eye, eyes a look. Even though Zhao Yun attend Yanwu, Wang Can is not sure if Zhao Yun is to try and his attitude in the Yanwu, sleeves, will leave Hanzhoung. Therefore, Wang Cugg boots saleancai overnight visits Zhao Yun, want to keep Zhao Yun, for their own use. Zhao Yun such a talent, Wang Can deserves pay so much. This time, Zhao Yun heard, and without any hesitation. He stood up, Wang Can stood in front of body, hands at Wang Can saying, respectful to worship and worship, declared:" the cloud, see master!" Zhao Yun in Nanzheng city several days, has been in the news for Wang Can. Zhao Yun first by Wang Yue about the things about Wang Can, had the preliminary impression. Zhao Yun then personally news, plus today in the school field trial, and see Wang Can for Gan Ning, Zhao Yun heart is determined. Now Wang Can olive bugg boots clearanceranch, Zhao Yun nature worship it, Wang Can in the.

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For Zhao Yun, Wang Yue is also protected from Wang Can's samurai mouth got the message. Wang Yue knew Zhao Yun for Wang Can, is a member of the tigers, Wang Can's big industry very big help, therefore strain every nerve for Zhao Yun, but Zhao Yun is coincidentally stayed heroes floor, let more conveniently placed Zhao Yun Wang Can. " Well, well, well ... ... We'll go to the heroes floor." Wang Can Wenyan, Huo was stood up, ready to invite Zhao Yun. For people who have the ability, have a certain arrogance, Zhao Yun's, Zhu Geliang is ... ... This simple truth, Wang Can or understand, don't smell Liu Huangshu to ask Zhu Geliang out, to disregard the identity, Sangucaolu? Wang Can invited Zhao Yun to join the army to, is also a big determination, must retain Zhao Yun. Wang Yue Wenyan, followed sugg boots saletood up, smiled and said:" your humble servant know your thirst after talents, therefore already in the house and carriage was ready, my Lord please!" Wang Yue said, waving, motioned for Wang Can to go ahead. Wang Can nodded and smiled, though robes in palace walk. Cart, Wang Can, Wang Yue two people sitting. Wang Yue said: " my Lord, in addition to surrender Zhao Yun thing, your humble servant has something to report. Lord let your humble servant responsible for the adoption of one hundred orphans, low job has been completed. One hundred orphans are age eleven years old, these orphans have been low job carefully selected, determine the root bone is very good, suitable for martial arts, and these orphans are intelligent, master even wantugg boots clearance to train them to be the army generals, also can."

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" Just weeks afterwards and Pei Xiaowei busy with the formation of broken army barracks, or lack of will." " My Lord, a Wu Yi peerless general is an army can invincible ever-victorious basis, even if a group of soldiers as fierce as a tiger, but this group of wolf in a sheep 's leadership, can only be a toothless tiger, not up. Only the fierce lion led a group of wolf, can carry the world before one." " Therefore, in what is now required is a tiger." " Only with the tigers, an army can be regarded as a good soldier of tigers." Xun You excelled in art of war, on March eugg boots salembattle know very well. It didn't take long time, he found the army defects, at Wang Canjun in the absence of a strong generals. Wang Can Wenyan, is nodded. Through this era has been more than three months, having experienced the war, Wang Can is also a veteran. A tiger 's role, Wang Can was plain. This time no pistol, artillery, aircraft, general strength in the army is very important. A fervent punch array, killing enemy, will be able to make an army of collapse of the moment, this is the so-called million army ugg boots clearancewhich take the enemy will head, reversing a war's end.

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Because only such Tan, Xun Shuang, sufficient to deter all people, said that many other words, but superfluous. Introducing Xun You, Wang Can turned to Guo Jia, said:" this is was Guo Jia, Guo Feng Xiao, the patriarch Guo Gong, but enjoy quite a reputation of Legalists daru. Feng Xiao studied briefly at military, make-up of army, so Feng Xiao was appointed prefect of the army chief of staff office, military." Wang Can introduced, in the seats on the officials immediately sit. Cheng Yu, Guo Jia, Xun Yousan, except for Cheng Yu, Xun Youhe and Guo Jia are great background of people, does not allow officugg boots saleials present snub. Especially Xun You 's great uncle Xun Shuang is known as ' Xun 's eight dragon, Cimingwushuang ', is not a daru. With this history, even the old Deng Zheng had to caution. In the living room, because Wang Can's introduction, Xun Yousan suddenly became protagonist, and as the protagonist Wang Can is left behind in the side, even no one spoke to Wang Can, civil servants all went to Xun Yousan in front of people, to communicate with Xun Yousan. Seeing this, Wang Can and his face appears a wry smile. These people too enthusiastiugg boots clearancec, is it right?. The sky is clear and bright., sunny.

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This old man, it is slippery, the dissolution of Home Su, Su home detention mainly people, this trick is a sinister. Through the detention Home Su man, made Wang Can's dignity to be established, and the Su family life is ensured. Wang Can thought of here, will naturally not refuted Deng Zheng's face, after all, Deng Zheng has a full account of his interests:" well, what a Deng Gong Cao, by Deng Gong Cao Zhiyan." Deng Zheng Wenyan, an old head laughs as the chrysanthemum blossom bright. He gave Wang Can a respectful obeisance: "Your Excellency good, wise Rende, liberal administration of Hanzhoung, it is Hanzhoung who can." Deng Zheng has hailed Wang Can the wise, the face is full of old with a happy smile. For ugg boots saleWang Can to take, Deng Zheng is very happy. Deng Zheng's words came out, kneeling on the Deng was after officials also shouting Wang Can wise benevolence, the entire hall, officials shout kept reverberating with. Wang Can, seeing this, laugh. Objective, seems to have been reached. Wang Can as if one rises from the dead, before, after the two combined age of fifty or sixty people, the Su Zhi assassination was not so angry Wang Can to send Pei Yuanshao sue Su Zhi, surrounded by solid families, will sue family spare none like it, after all, Wang Can has a bit of a modern view, in addition to threaten their own people, Wang Can will not relent. As for the eldeugg boots clearancerly and infirm, Wang Can also did not spare none ideas.

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It was said: " according to revive solid plan, divided into three steps." " The first step, tomorrow morning, I will lead the barbarian attack on Yong County, and because the barbarians siege, the gates closed, adults and numerous followers, soldiers could not leave on Yong County, but can only stay on Yong County, left to join the battle." " Second step, Su solid will properly reduced on Yong County defense, deliberately create on Yong County undermanned illusion, so that all of the people all thought on Yong County might be we took. At this time, Su solid will give Hanzhoung officials let adults against us. When adults led soldiers fight, I led the savage war with adults for a while, he would pretend to fail, the adults into the mountains." " Third step, adults and his men into the mountains, Su solid also led the army iugg boots salen adults with back. As long as the into the mountains, out of people's sight, Su solid will and I at the same time attack. The intention is to get rid of Su solid directly adults, but I know Su solid get rid of adults, will certainly fall out does not know a person, thus presenting alive adults, let Sue solid sent food, weapons to escort the copycat in exchange for." " The three steps, is Su solid get rid of adult programs." " Before two times to Hanzhoung came the prefect is such is Sue solid away, just all sins are pushed to the US 's person, and then Sue solid can continue to occupy Hanzhoung, without leaving any handle." Wu 's will sue solid plans to slowly, serenely, his face is a flash. Savage killer, which is quite human killer. This is Sue solid created by kugg boots clearanceilling, yet all the sins are pushed to the barbarians.

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After a pause, Wang Can Leng Sheng said:" you go back and tell Wei Zhong, said Wang Can with kindness and hatred are clearly distinguished. I, requite, enemy to revenge, this time the Wilkes sent a kill me, if the Methodist home for, I must overcome the Wilkes, Methodist home not a chicken or dog left; if Wei Zhong as a person, he let Wei Zhong clean neck, the future I will take Wang Can on his head." " Ah ~ ~" the car a little exclamation, eyes filled with consternation. " How? You don't wantcheap uggs to?" The eyes of Wang Can cold light flashes, scolded. " Like, like." Brigands nods hastily, and then Luigi Nono asked:" can I go?" "Roll it!" Wang Can waved, impatient and said. Luoyang City, west of the city, a quiet elegant other homes, in the living room. " Arrogant!" "The pride!" " Bold!" Sound of thunder, is full of infinite rage. A white, short beard, wearing a brown robes middle-aged man with a blue, a moment like a sword raiseugg boots sale ukd, deep eyes glittered with a burning anger, he struck up a kitchen table, suddenly there was a loud bang. Standing in the living room attendants are trembling, afraid of being implicated in. Especially the kneeling in the living room of a covered in blood, wearing a black T-shirt attendants, more lay prostrate on the ground, not stop trembling. " Daddy, Wang Can killed my family of twenty people who, if not to kill him, I am the Wigucci outletlkes face where?" A pale, dressed in a long white robe youth out of character, who is humiliated by Wang Can Wei Zhong, he sent twenty-one Methodist home guard to intercept Wang Can, to get Cai Yan. But did not expect Wang Can was killed to a man, the man returned to the herald. " Evil, evil." Wei Zhong's father, the patriarch Wei Tai I, at Wei Zhong Road, eyes flashed a forbidding countenance, said:" Zhong Road, you secretly assemble guarhermes birkind intercept Wang Can. I am not for you, you're here backseat driver, I stand aside, no talking." " Is." Wei Zhong was sullen stood, looks at Wei Tai, face a grievance.

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Unfortunately, unfortunately ... ... Dong Zhuo heart sighs. At this time Cai Yong did not slow slow from agents stood up, walked to the center of the hall to be neither humble nor pushy towards Dong Zhuo Dong Zhuo, a ceremony, called : " Taishi, old the disciples with the heart to serve the country, preoccupied with the court and the rebels, if stay in Luoyang job, I can only move in the literati, no contribution, please you can understand." " Well, Cai you words, solitary will consider." Dong Zhuo HM, does not seem to be any combination. Wang Can sees this, know not to end up here, otherwise you really stay in Luoyang, he said:" you, Wang Can says." Dong Zhnike air maxuo nodded and said : "say, solitary listen." Wang Can submissively path:" Taishi, as everyone knows, he can enter the Taishi, with his sword, a sword and a spear come out hard, as the flow of sweat, blood, and will head into his waistband, by who despised the spirit of death, have today's power. Wang Can not only, also want to learn his general, battlefield, with a sword and a spear to spell out exploits Fenghou will, instead of relying on the teacher's Yuyin, through his appreciation, but exalted, log. Wang Can is a sincere heart, please you can see." Wang Can's sincere, then, bend down towards Dong Zhuo moncler jacketsdeeply I a gift. This time, Dong Zhuo was also said Wang Can huhu. Was not Wang Can's heroic utterance moved, but because of Wang Can's film to the Dong Zhuo heart son. Dong Zhuo started to Wu, a teenager indulge in wilful, roughness and ferocity, love the most aggressive, form a good martial character, he is very like to. Instead, Dong Zhuo on the literati is disgusted disgust, scholars only know the infighting, known only in church debate, but do not know to do something. Wang Can remarks, that Dong Zhuo truly appreciate Wang Can. Dong Zhuo nodded with satisfaction, he found Wang Canfang in Bashu pitchristian louboutin saley, put in Ru'nan is positive. He was wondering, opens his mouth, it is necessary to speak. But at the moment, Li Ru took the end retainers came in with food and wine. Before Dong Zhuo talk, Li Ru said:" Taishi, food and drink up, is it right? Let singing in dance add to the fun?" " Well, according to the paper and said to do." Dong Zhuo smiled and said. Li Ru's timing is very accurate, Dong Zhuo also knew that Li Ru chose this moment to enter the living room, is sure to remind him not impulsive, to breed calamity for the future, Wang Canfang Hui Runan. Wanted to think, Dong Zhuo said with a spolo outletmile:" since the first does not want to stay in Luoyang, then put outside official, first say?" Wang Can felt relieved, visit : " thanks for his grace, Wang Can gave his orders."

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" What?" Guo Jia a little exclamation, smiling face suddenly broke down. " Ha ha ha ... ..." Cheng Yu, Xun You, Wang Can three people see this, suddenly burst out laughing. The next day, early in the morning. Dong Zhuo sent the emperor appointed Wang Can as prefect of Hanzhoung 's letters to Wang Can, at this point, Wang Can suddenly, become a court official. Compared to the still poor frustrated Liu Bei, Wang Can and Liu Bei have a heaven, an underground. But the situation is slightly better, but still trapped in Luoyang Cao Cao, Wang Can has been a step ahcheap uggsead, walk in the forefront of the separate regime. Wang Can looked to bright yellow letters, filled with excitement. Along the way, finally realized the life of a great transition, become Han Dynasty of the civil service. Will also close, Wang Can told Pei Yuanshao : " a sound, old Pei, you go ask Feng Xiao, Anno Domini, Zhong De. Come, I have something important to discuss." "Yes, my lord." Pei Yuanshao whispered answered, then turned to ask Guo Jiasan to go. Wang Can was the imperial seal for Hanzhoung Prefugg boots sale ukecture, has bright and clear identity, and not worry about the impact of the Yellow turbans thief, so Pei Yuanshao's name from the master into master. After a while, Guo Jiasan went to Wang Can's room. " My Lord, I call I what matter?" Cheng Yuzhao Wang Can of being a gift, then though robes, sat down. Guo Jia, Xun You is also the side towards Wang Can being a gift, then sit back and wait for Wang Can. Wang Can said:", you see heroes floor?" " Heroes floor?" Xun Youyi startled eyes, and in a flasgucci outleth of light, exclaimed:" my Lord is ready to receive hero building ahead?" Wang Can nodded, acquiesced to Xun You. " This is rather difficult." Xun You stroked his beard, muttered:" Heroes floor surface is the history of a family, but secretly, the day is a fencing master Wang Yue Wang Yue, which although not official, but after all, served as the emperor's teacher, make a lot of dignitaries, master to heroes building charge for their own use, I have some difficulty in. And the hero, based in Luoyang for many hermes birkinyears, complicated and difficult to deal with, secretly do not know how many powerful support heroes floor, so my Lord to subdue Wang Yue, please look before you leap."

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Wang Can think, heart is hate. But Wang Can had not revealed, he slowly with the day Di behind, walked, said:" Sir, who first meet Lu Gong, was the thought of student read great books, Ceng Wen de Saint words ' Jinglaociyou, without forgetting bin brigade ', says, ' the old I old, as well as old person; young I young, and of the person young. '" " Meng Saint words, is to teach people to respect their elders, Lu Gong has over sixty, is already sixty years of age, while Mr. is nearly five years old, compared to Lu Gong, sir have low nearly a year. On age, Mr. Lu Gong the younger generation, therefore, students first meet Lu Gong again, meet mr.." Wang nike air maxCan is a cunning, directly to the age of successively. However, people pay attention to the rank, pay attention to respect Jing Xian, Wang Can's words but also be perfectly logical and reasonable, not discourteous place. " Well, well. Weng Shu, did you hear that, according to the first argument, Weng Shu you are the descendants of the." Lu Zhi Stern 's face suddenly laughed like a flower, face to conceal himself, he and the May 21st Di the peer intersect, now Wang Can 's words, actually makes Marie Di identity by dropping a generation, became Lu Zhi junior. Lu Zhi looks at Wang Can, eyes a appremoncler jacketsciation. Marie Di Wenyan, face became embarrassed, glaring at Lu Zhi the folds of the face, and said:" good ass yeah, me and your peers will intersect, is your family?" Wang Can stood, a heart. Finally move, two old man, actually together against me, huh, you will be noisy. In the Wang Can heart is very proud, Marie Di wide-open eyes, like a knife eyes heavily on Wang Can, hate will not be Wang Can stamp die here. But the day Di anger to anger, but in the heart of Wang Can's answer is very satisfactory. Just a day Di heart is not willing to lower Lu Zhi around, and immediately scolded:" Wang christian louboutin saleCan, you answer is careless, barely passed. But the court Guanglu doctor, rank than two thousand stone, and Lu Zhi old man is just a ordinary people, you meet my two people, is it right? Should go and see me?" The day Di look serious, but look to Lu Zhi 's eyes more than a touch of pride. The hearts of Wang Can sneer, andao: old guy, are you egg, can't let you go. Want, Wang Can makes a mouth smile, said:" Sir, today is teacher friends, but friends party talk. Therefore here only in size not, no hierarchy of Mr. Lu Gong, is the younger generation, so the disciples that Lu Gongcai is tpolo outlethe right way to go and see." Wang Can sound is mild, but mention ' juniors ' time, voice say very heavy. Sure enough, day Di Wenyan, changed face, hum : "old man, you think so?"

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