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Cao Cao immediately asked:" first, you dare to say that this is what you mean?" Wang Can ha ha laugh, said:" Meng De, is it right? Don't bother to truth, as long as the vassal could go to the enemy." Cao Cao eyes glared, and said:" first, you Wenwu outstanding, can not see vassal small thoughts, once encountered difficulties, these rulers will shrink, the side once sufficient interest, they will move forward. Now Dong Zhuo to assemble the army in the front, the princes to battle and reactive, heart will have other ideas, thinking of avoiding war. The fact is so, how was I worry?" Wang Can is also no concessions, asked:" today Dong Zhuo active ugg boots salewithdrawal, Yuan Shao was not ordered chase it, how Meng De could certainly vassal facing the Dong Zhuo army, will avoid war?" Cao Cao mouth said: "this is I according to the princes, the inferred results." Wang Can said:" with no it was not so sure, Meng De believed that rulers avoid war?" " Of course!" Cao Cao tone and resolute, determined spirit, without the slightest hesitation. By dot and face, from the little things can see Cao Cao and Yuan Shao gap, relates to the problem of major issues issues of right and wrong, Cao Cao resolute, while Yuan Shao was indecisive, shilly-shally, thugg boots clearanceis is the Cao Cao character perseverance, can succeed.

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Mateo Xiu Er blinked eyes, a faint smile on one's face, saying softly:" I was named sly Xiu Er, father to Xiu Er later took a formal name ' Diao Chan ' Diao Chan, it may be said, adults knew Diao Chan's name, it seems to understand Diao Chan 's adult." After that, Diao Chan smiled gently, big eyes staring at Wang Can blinked, showing infinite amorous feelings, let Wang Can have some heart gallop ripples. Wang Can said:" Xiu Er, your uncle who well, why come to me?" Hear Wang Can screaming so close, Diao Chan 's eyes with a flash from the color, face a sad face, said:" the king of adults, the thing is, Dong Zhuo has several times been Wong defeated, in anger, then anger in the court official. Adoptive father as the Stuart, also by Dong Zhuo hard to drink, although adoptive father fear Dong ugg boots saleZhuo, but afraid of my being implicated, let I to Wong to stay, to avoid the limelight." Wang Can said:" since it is his uncle's request, but also difficult to refuse, but?" Diao Chan was eager faces rising, a flush, hurriedly asked:" Wong, but what?" Wang Can rubbed his hands, some awkward said:" the military prohibited women, Xiu Er you a woman, often in the camp, I'm afraid some misgivings. Well, you live in the camp, I don't mind, but you do not get married, has been in the camp, I'm afraid of your reputation some effects." Diao Chan heard, eyes the color of choice. But this wire was fleeting, Wang Can was not aware of Diao Chan 's eyes look changes. After a pause, Diao Chan said:" the matter is urgent sovereignty, say I have eugg boots clearancentered the adult camp, I was temporarily in the camp."

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Wang Can sat in the theme, Gao Shun sat on the bottom, two people are shut one's mouth, no talk. Wang Can looked at a glance from time to time, Gao Shun, and Gao Shun always squinting eyes, eyes closed, no talking, just silence, silence camps, two people are not the first to break the large account in the silence. About a quarter of an hour later, big tent from far and near heard a sound of footsteps. At this time, Gao Shuncai opened his eyes, staring at the camp at the entrance. The curtain opened, Zhao Yun and Pei Yuanshao dressed in armor, stride step came in. Then while moving sits in the main on the Yi Li Wang Can said: "Zhao Yun ( Peugg boots salei Yuanshao ) see the lord!" Wang Can nodded, waved two people sit down. Paused, Wang Cancai said:" Pei Yuanshao, in camp soldiers can resist?" Pei Yuanshao grinned, said:" my Lord, that in camp soldiers heard Lv Bu and his army attack, are very excited, and several soldiers to attack will end ... ... Hey, but in camp soldiers no armor, weapons are pulled the teeth of the tiger, no threat, the soldiers were end will solve." " Address?" Gao Shun's eyes were wide, his face full of anger, shouted : " you've killed them, they are barehanded soldiers, you should ... ..." Pei Yuanshao scrugg boots clearanceatched his head, look at him, said:" when I kill, no?"

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wtorek, 20 grudnia 2011

At this time, Dong Zhuo showed a battle veteran sophistication, as well as the style of a wise man, not held firm lost close duties, but considering how should butt down what happened. Second, can be regarded as a means of. On the surface Dong Zhuo does not blame Li Que et al the responsibility, but the effect is not worse than accountability. Dong Zhuo does so, that Li Que Guo Si, four are guilty, but also more will want to beat Yuan Shaoyi revenge. Voice falls, Li Ru stood up, sit back. But Li Que still kneeling on the ground, motionless. But Li Que raised his head, looked at Dong Zhuo, though his face is guilty of color, but is ugg boots salemore assertive look: " Taishi, Wang Can opened the city gates, the Xiliang army fled, Yuan Shao held firm, must be close to Luoyang, please let Li Que play Li Que Taishi, must defeat princes allied, merit atonement." Dong Zhuo laughed, eyes flashing appreciate look, smiled and said:" good, good, have ambition. My lover man, not afraid of death, not afraid to lose, but cannot stand up after the fall. Since you active request, solitary let you lead the army, with Lv Bu as the pioneer, against the princes allied. This time, only to win, to fail!" " Connaught!" Li Que was grateful, ugg boots clearancesaying loudly. Then, Li Quecai stood up, back seat.

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piątek, 16 grudnia 2011

If not meet something difficult, Li Que will not be so reckless hitting. " Li, what happened?" Guo Si enters the hall, looked up to Li Que, they asked. Guo Si asks how, Li Que heard Guo Si ask, suddenly fly into a rage, eyes ejects the raging flames of anger, tongue-lash:" Guo Addo, you asked me what had happened? I want to ask you what do bird thing, I put you in charge of guarding the gate, can't let princes allied forces into firm, how do you guarded. His mother, now the barn burned, grain all on fire, you say it not princes allied do, who would it be?" " Ah? Forage burned?" Guo Si wugg boots saleas astonished, was startled look. Zhao Cen, Hu Zhen is also the mouth open, Li Que was surprised at the news. Food, both for the princes Allied soldiers, or free, all battle is essential, not enough food, Li Que even heart has nine orifices, also cannot fix. Guo Si reaction is not slow, asked:" Lee, how do you know food destroyed?" Li Que said:" how to get the message asked? Don't you know, standing on the wall to see the southeast direction, firm the red half of the sky, fire place is the granary of the camps, in addition to barn bugg boots clearanceurned, do you think anything would make so much noise."

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środa, 14 grudnia 2011

This time, the account in quiet. Each vassal is silent, look different. Han Fu in particular, heart is be very upset, eyes the color of eyes anxiously, but yet again with excitement. As long as Pan Feng killed Hua Xiong, Han Fu's fame can rise, become princes play a decisive role. A second time goes by, Han Fu occasionally look at the back door in the Han Fu camp, waiting time, large account outside a burst of hurried footsteps, and message passing small school came in, his face panic-stricken color, said:" Pan Feng Hua Xiong was beheaded!" Wang Can sat under Cao Cao, look as usual. These things,ugg boots sale the kingdoms have records. The next versus Hua Xiong, seems to be the customs Erye. Wang Can silently estimation, this time against Dong Zhuo Wang Can, but spent much of mind, he will not let off you cheap. Hua Xiong has killed Yu She, Pan Feng, and belongs to the appreciation of the small BOSS, as long as they can kill Hua Xiong, can a war fame. Opposite Wang Can, Sun Jian lost, we must stand up, but Cheng Pu was held. Cheng Pu's body near Sun Jian, whispered:" my Lord, you are the boss, will drop from the identity, cannot play!" When talkugg boots clearanceing, Cheng Pu still takes Sun Jian, his fearless look.

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poniedziałek, 12 grudnia 2011

Guan Yu style as violent as a tiger, Zhang Fei also is such. A rod measures eight snake spear, strange handedness, fierce incomparable. Zhang Fei holding a serpent snake spear spear, along with Zhang Fei strong huge body forward, the sharper the snake spear into a black mountain, in the gate swing move, the place visited, snake spear on great power not to block in front of the Xiliang troops flew out, is to use a spear to kill every. Human settlement! Werewolf! The two words with Zhang Fei in the body, not too. In Liu Bei, it seems too. Liu Bei hands the hands of two double sword, sword sword light flashes, Shashi good-looking. But in the face of the fear of death is somewhat difficuugg boots salelt to every soldier, not like Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei two the generals, weapons as the body walk, the place visited, unable to resist. The towers to kill it in four, blood spatter. Watch towers, who is also excited laugh loud and clap one's hands, especially Yuan Shao, eyes shining, so excited. Watching every soldier retreat, Yuan Shao 's mood is excited as if playing chicken, extremely excited. In particular, Sun Jian alone war Hua Xiong, three Liu Bei brothers killed every person ... ... See Xiliang troops defeated situation, Yuan Shao's pleasure is more difficult to suppress. Yuan Shao looked down at the gate, but also occugg boots clearanceasionally glancing at the Cao Cao, mouth exposed smile.

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piątek, 09 grudnia 2011

Wang Can wash one time, replace a new white cotton robe, hair comb for Qi Qi, wearing black, napkins, look, which is a pretty good son. But the chiseled face, cold eyes flashing light, give a person a kind of violent crime. "Whistling ... ..." Wang Can take a deep breath, adjust the good mentality, with the entourage, toward Yuan Shao's chief big account in go, when arrived, Wang Can found some changes. Vassal alliance, has not elected leader, Yuan Shaoyan asked Wang Can to woo Wang Can, increase in heart weight Wang Can dukes, therefore specially set up a seat at tugg boots salehe Yuan Shao Theme under the oblique angle. Now the leader was born, Yuan Shao remained leader position, Wang Can is located beneath the seating of Cao cao. Cao Cao sitting on the left first, below Wang Can, Kong Rong, Tao Qian and other leaders ... ... Yuan Shu sat on the right side first, under Gongsun Zan, Liu Dai, Kong Zhou is the other princes ... ... Each vassal, the seating. Yuan Shaoduan beer bottle, a glass of wine at Wang Canjing, said:" first, I heard Meng De say things, this battle, Hanzhoung forceugg boots clearances worthy of crack troops, protect our army's supplies.

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środa, 07 grudnia 2011

Yuan Shao hear in the ear, it seems ironic remarks. He threw large cuff, asked in return tent. In situ princes being at a loss what to do, looked at each other, smiled, and quickly return to camp has gone to rest. Just gathered soldiers disbanded, back to camp. However, the watchman garrison soldiers. The entire camp three layer, three layer, there are guarded by soldiers. Forts and placed a row of Juma, a sneak attack against cavalry. The camp, and soldiers standing on high lookout. Dong Zhuo army camp in the night, the atmosphere becomes tight frown on it, the soldier's face is covered with dignified color ... ... "Meugg boots saleng De brother, hard!" When Cao Cao watchman, Liu Bei wearing armor, followed by Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Cao Cao go towards. " Are you?" Cao Cao puzzled, eyes glanced at Liu Bei, eyes puzzled color, in front of people is ordinary, look nice, a public face, nothing worthy of note. It is the two choice behind Liu Bei tough man, caused the interest of Cao Cao, especially the height of nine feet, such as Zhongzao, a phoenix eyes under the jaw, bearded man, let Cao Cao eye one bright, a natural characters, is a majestic-looking, extraordinary momentum. The red-faced man next ugg boots clearanceto the Baotouhuanyan, the strong man is a lot worse.

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wtorek, 06 grudnia 2011

" And Wang Can as the prefect of Hanzhoung, have the ability to provide them slightly Mianbozhili, or can." Wang Can will not conceal, speak directly against Dong Zhuo, as well as the choice of the reasons for Yuan Shao. However, Wang Can's words are half-genuine and half-sham, fake is the slightly Mianbozhili, is really hit Wang Can 's fame, and Yuan Shao's generous support. Wang Can admires the Cao Cao heart bearing, but not my real ideas revealed. If Wang Can said directly training, practice, and then to the overthrow of Han Dynasty, Cao Cao is certainly the first drugg boots saleaw sword against the people. After listening to the words of Wang Can, Cao Cao terrified terrified, and clear voice cachinnation. " Good, good, good for first person." Cao Cao Fuzhang exclaimed:" the world of man, who has no desire? Who was Saint? First words seem to lead a fast, but it's only human nature, for the first man, fuck that is rational. People who do great things, realize their destination at the same time, the court, for the people, for the world, to make their own modest, it will be a real man." Sudugg boots clearancedenly, Cao Cao laughter stops, his brow frowning.

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